Does Straight Piping A Car Void The Warranty

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A vsc does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s car warranty has expired. To void any warranty, your dealer must prove how the tune is a direct impact.

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If your turbo gave up and they decided it was due to spooling too fast due to the open exhaust, then they would not cover the turbo.

Does straight piping a car void the warranty. If your transmission went out, which is not linked in any way to the exhaust, then it would be covered. #9 · feb 12, 2020. Look up info on magnuson moss if interested.

Note that phrase, “most cases.” if your new system does not cause any damage to other components on the vehicle, then your warranty will be fine and remain intact. Tuning a vehicle can impact the entire car components. We also have 2 g8 customers with that setup, but they don't have any warranty left.

Sounds good for cheap though. Hey guys i have a genesis coupe 2.0 and i want a more agressive sound, but i really dont want to pay for a full exhaust b/c its a leased car and i dont want to void the warranty either. Voiding your warranty could lead to major problems.

What it does state is this q. Had a resonator delete 10k miles ago, can confirm that it will cause a small drop in your mpg average, for me about 1.5mpg without changing driving style. If you have a completely unrelated issue then you will still be covered.

Why you shouldn’t void your warranty with coilovers. A vehicle service contract (vsc) is often referred to as an “auto warranty” or an “extended car warranty,” but it is not a warranty. My dealership has a bunch of turnaround in the service writers except for one or two of them, the ones who have been there will tell you what will void warranties and what wont.

You need to think about emissions laws and noise laws if you want to install this pipe on your car. So, no, it should not void your warranty. Not every circumstance will void your entire warranty.

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They can not blanket deny all. Should i just tell them i bought it this way or what The straight pipe shouldn't void the warranty should it?

Also note that for canadian citizens there is no specific law in canada with regards to vehicle modification. Otherwise, you should avoid doing so until your warranty expires. Or, a dealer may be having problems with ford on their warranty work, and ford flat out won't pay them.

It won't void your entire warranty, it will only void any exhaust related warranties. It is just a straight pipe that starting from the header and goes straight to the air without a muffler or catalytic converter. The dealership said its aftermarket warranty any modifications to the truck will not be voided.

It would probably void at least part of your warranty. Any exhaust issues would need to be taken care with your install shop for labor and manufacturer for parts. That being said, if a dealer wants to deny warranty work and you don't think the part you installed caused the failure, good luck with that.

Warranty partially voided or claim denied? It is illegal for a dealer to void your warranty for simply having aftermarket parts installed. I had it straight piped and a leveling kit put on.

It will only void the warranty on the exhaust system. Employing a straight pipe exhaust can provide your vehicle some extra power and will make it noisier. Blown engine for swapping wheels).

I would be more concerned about the tune that you would be installing to enjoy the benefits of a new down pipe and intake. My service writer will tell you what to take off/put back to stock before you come in or before he writes it up so you don't void anything. I was needing some more insite on this because i need to take it in to have work done.

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In fact, it is illegal for a dealer to deny you the oe warranty because you have changed the exhaust system. That being said, tuning will definitely void your warranty. They could conceivably deny a claim if the modification was the actual/specific cause of the particular issue.

When now reading through the ford warranty booklet in the car (which is up anyways, i'm on an different company extended warranty), and it shows what all parts are covered for how long. The truth of the matter is that adding an aftermarket exhaust system to your vehicle will not void your warranty in most cases. Will it void my factory warranty?

For example if your window stops working and you have a cold air intake, the dealer is not going to void your warranty. Its going to depend on what the problem is, and if the exhaust system was a contributing factor. This means just because you installed an aftermarket downpipe, doesn’t mean your car warranty is void.

Manufacturers can void your warranty for just about anything, but you can probably only stop them if it's a blatant lie (i.e. As far as dealers voiding warranty, its usually a ford field engineer called in to look at a problem. There is no such thing as voiding the factory warranty.

The magnuson warranty act still applies here. I bought the aftermarket warranty. A vsc is a contract between you and a vsc provider or administrator that.

In simpler terms, it states that a dealer (or any seller) can only void your warranty if they can prove that the damage is directly caused by your aftermarket install. If the aftermarket part causes an oem part to fail, they won't replace the oem part but still doesn't void warranty. Some cars even have borla systems as the oem exhaust.

Does anyone know if a muffler delete will void my warranty? The regular emissions stuff was covered 3/36000, and then it says certain emissions parts are federally required covered for 8yr/80000 miles per the clean air act, and those parts. If you think it is worth it, you should install coilovers.

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The vehicle’s other warranties will be fine but you will lose your suspension warranty. Racing your vehicle is a surefire way to void most warranties.

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