Car Shuts Off While Driving No Check Engine Light

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It was tuned up 2 months ago changed fuel filter and when we took it out a lot of air came out instead of gas. Stalls out frequently when driving at slow speeds, especially during a slow turn or when coming to a stop or after accelerating from a complete stop.

Ford Check Engine Light Stays On

This will lead you to a location on the engine for troubleshooting.

Car shuts off while driving no check engine light. You'll need to repair or replace the wire, cable or connection. Car was brought in dealership 4 months ago for accelerator pedal recall. If the engine shuts off and the headlights stop working while you do this, you are dealing with a loose, corroded or frayed cable or wire.

Dashboard lights went out and the engine shut off. Has stalled on freeway doing 70 and sitting at stop light. If not check fuel pump fuse and fuel pump relay if so, check the fuel pressure to rule out the fuel filter/fuel pump/pressure regulator and listen to the injector/s are they pulsing or hook up a noid light.

Sometimes it'll end up being fine, others it's constantly struggling, and other times it. It starts right back u. It doesn't bog or anything just shuts off.

The engine will cut off again while driving in 1 minute to a few hours. Haven't tried turning off eco mode yet. Check battery terminals to see if they are very dirty, corroded or loose.

When i use my car it idles at 700 and then stalls when used for 5 min but there are no check engine lights. Average repair cost is $120 at 111,250 miles. The 2012 buick verano has 6 problems reported for car shuts down while driving.

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No check engine light has. This happens several times per day. I pulled over then shut the car off and restarted but the message persisted.

I get no check engine lights either. Does anyone have any idea what it could be. If the engine stalls while idling or driving, the engine may be running out of fuel or not receiving enough fuel pressure to keep it running.

Follow battery cables to main source make sure no corrosion. Another suggestion is the cam and crank shafts position sensors. Just started cutting off 2 months after recall replacement.

The most likely cause of this kind of stalling would be a fuel pump that is not spinning fast enough or is intermittently cutting out. Many car makers design their computers to alert the driver of a problem by turning on the check engine light and storing a trouble code in the computer’s memory. If your car shuts off and the electronic components are completely off, open your car’s hood and inspect your car’s battery.

Once the car was up to temp, i put it into track mode before getting on the freeway. The engine randomly shuts off while driving my 2001 pt cruiser limited edition. On my commute home (at freeway speeds) the “service stabilitrak” message came and the car suddenly lost power.

To note was not cutting off before then. Codes of p430 and p420 and gear shifter code p1815. There are several reasons why a car’s check engine light turns on and off intermittently.

Replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, the fuel pressure sensor, plugs and wires and new thermostat. Have been having trouble with the car shutting off while driving, and also when it does run well when you shut it off it won't start back up for a half an hour to hours at a time. The most common are the following:

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Car will drive a week or two without cutting off. This is the most common issue when it comes to a car shutting off while driving. Have your computer checked to see if there is any pending or stored codes.

The check engine light turns on and then off because the main computer might not be correctly registering the problems at all times. Car dies while driving and the lights cut off the root of this problem is largely similar to when your car dies and you see a check battery warning light. If a problem occurs but does not meet the software’s threshold for the number of times the problem must occur before lighting the check engine light, the trouble code may be stored.

M45 cuts off randomly and scarcely. There are many symptoms that can contribute to a stalling and no start condition when driving. If the crankshaft position sensor isn’t working properly, it can cause the check engine light to come on.

I read a few articles to change the tps which i already did. This mechanism is necessary for your car engine to run properly. We changed the fuel pump right after and cleaned the engine with seafoam.

The dashboard lights went out and the engine shut off. My 2003 ram 1500 shuts off while i'm driving. Operate normally with out cutting off.

Wiggle the battery cables, including the small wire that connects to the car's body, if your vehicle has one. Then the check engine light started to flash as well. It most likely has a loose gas cap, a faulty oxygen sensor, bad spark plugs, or a faulty mass airflow sensor, among others.

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The last time it happened (two years later, this past weekend) the car just shut off. Fuel pump is also brand new. Check negative or ground cabke follow to source make sure the other end is tight and clean.

No check engine light at all though except when it normally comes on during initial ignition.

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