Car Shakes When Driving Over 80 Mph

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Engine problems, including a broken engine mount, can cause some vibrations in the steering wheel. If you're still shaking after 80, it's usually something more serious.

5 Causes Of The Car Vibrating At High Speed Wuling

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Car shakes when driving over 80 mph. If you grab the wheel at 9 and 3 and shake, you should feel very little play, and only on the front wheels. Either a bad tire, or improper wheel balance. It can also happen because of misfires caused by worn ignition parts.

If you have problems at higher speeds then your wheels aren't balanced properly, period. Trying again at 12 and 6, you should have no play. Is it a transmission thing?

You start to gradually feel the shaking/vibration in the steering wheel at 75 but it becomes very apparent at 80. I assume both cars are the same lug pattern. The other possible problem is that one of the tires is damaged and.

If your car begins to shake while driving at a constant speed or jerking occurs during acceleration, the chances are that the problem is with the engine and not the suspension. Different way of saying it: It could be spark plug problems, air induction, or issues with fuel delivery.

It's not a very bad shake but it's noticeable. I just replaced the wheels and tires with 18 wheels and 245/45 continental contiextreme tires and assumed the problem would go away. This should rule out any wheel/tire problems but if the wheel was damaged it would have probably been caught when they balanced them.

If i apply pressure i can almost prevent the shaking. Get it done right and you wont have any problems. If the tires are out of balance then the steering wheel can shake.

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The most common reason for a car to shake is related to tires. The sound and vibration feels like when you drive fast over those rumble zones on the shoulder of a highway, or those speed control zones. Over time, weights can come off.

It gets worse around 60 mph but starts to get better at high speeds. Being able to drive in and out of the vibration, means tires. Even a minor accident can bend an.

This vibration can also be felt through your brake pedal. Axles (cv joints) will vibrate at all speeds. If the tires are out of balance then the steering wheel can shake.

At first, i thought about the possibility of the road. If your steering wheel shakes while you are braking then the problem could be caused by “out of round” brake rotors. You might as well get the rear wheels balanced though, seeing as that's a cheap option and it will rule out one more thing.

Given the tires and wheels have been balanced, it could be a wheel bearing vibration, as a worn, loose, or bad wheel bearing could cause shaking. The uneven wear is generally due to incorrect contact with road surfaces. The first thought would be the tires like you’ve mentioned.

Drives very smooth before you hit 80, in idle you can barely even feel if the engine is on. Out of balance tires or bent wheels tend to show up earlier than 70 and go away (by harmonizing 'out') not long after. I've driven mine over 80 mph many times without any problems.

Why does my car shake when i go 80 mph? Luckily, the solution is fairly simple, and requires just a. Don't go for the cheapy balance job at a walmart tire center, or merchants, or other crappy national chain store.

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Uneven tire wear can cause your wheels to become unbalanced, which will shake your car. From the description you have given, your vehicle shakes over 40 mph. If the suspension on your vehicle is out of alignment, it may cause the wheels to vibrate at certain speeds.

Something about wear in a rubber bush where the prop shaft joins the gearbox. The manifestation of this problem can also cause the entire car to shake. The most common reason for a car to shake is related to tires.

However, my previous car same make and model just different years didn't shake on the highway back to home. With the car turning off over speed bumps, that actually sounds completely related. Other causes are the fuel pump, starter, ignition switch, and the neutral safety switch.

If your tires are worn, underinflated, or otherwise compromised, they’ll lose their grip on the road and the vehicle will vibrate. Tires are balanced with metal weights. Sometimes brake rotors can be the cause of shaking.

I should also mention that the vibration actually decreased, but definately didn't go away, around 80+mph. The tires were in terrible shape and i attributed the problem to the tires. I've heard of higher mileage bmws getting vibration through the seats from the prop shaft.

Say you are going 70 mph, and there is not any vibration present, but you speed up to 81 mph, you now have vibration, that is tires. As for the other possibilities, get the car safely in the air and try to move the wheels by hand. The shaking is typical of a tire that is out of balance.

My bet is something a bit more serious, like tie rod ends. The faster you go the less traction you have, and your car will also shake if it isn’t balanced or aligned properly. Also i bought my car from the dealership and it's been a year only.

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That might not be true, however. The rear should be solid. You may notice the engine jerks from within its compartment.

It stops once i slow to below 80 mph or am driving straight.

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