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When the engine begins overheating, the car temperature gauge can go hot then return to normal. Gauge, this is completely normal.

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It drove fine for one week.

Car overheating then going back to normal reddit. We then took it to pep boys for a professional flush. So after about 20 minutes of normal city driving my car will start to make a bit of a low humming sound ( nothing that would concern me on its own), as it does this the thermostat starts to creep up, and then it goes back down to a normal position. Common causes of engine overheating and how to fix them.

I bought my car (98,000) miles. I have an 02 civic si ep3. The car overheats when you are going slow because you have lost the high speed end of your fan.

The radiator or block may be clogged. Rev car to 3k or 4k for 15 seconds. Start the engine and allow to idle until normal operating temp, while it's idling feel for hot air at the a/c vents.

I pulled over immediately and let it cool back down for a couple of minutes. Since then it's only happened after driving somewhere first and i'll turn the car off and on then it goes away. I just ignored it and moved on.

Sticks until the pressure builds up to force it open. To control an overheating engine, quickly turn on the heat to 90f, full fan setting, recirculate the air. The temp gauge on your dash should read in the middle of the normal range and the upper radiator hose should feel hot to the touch.

The temps were still really high but when i started it back up, no epc warning and i could hear the radiator fans going full tilt until the temps dropped back to normal. It is about an $80 part located on the back side of the fan. No more overheating problems from there, coolant was full.

Car will run perfectly for a day or two then will decide to overheat. If you are referring to the dip and rise as indicated by the temp. And considering the variety of causes, you can't be too careful

Temp guage will rise to 3/4 or higher then fall then rise then fall and so on. Let the engine cool and top off the degas bottle to between the marks. This would last for about a minute and then it would go back to normal as if nothing happened at all.

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Does not overheat at highway speeds because the fan hardly runs or runs at low speed due to air already being forced in. When pressing the gas vehicle wont accelerate normal it will stop for 3 to 5 seconds on 20mph. Thanks for posting on r/mechanicadvice!this is just a reminder to review the rules.if you are here asking about a second opinion (ie is the shop trying to fleece me?), please read through cjm8515's post on the subject.

When the water/coolant heats to a set temperature, such as 75 degrees c, a. Now if the car has been sitting for a couple hours or throughout the night, then i start and drive it, the temp gauge. Car is overheating then its fine.

Hello,\\015\\012your problem is air in the system.\\015\\012you need a pressure test to make sure there are no leaks.\\015\\012than have your radiator flushed.that will fix your problem if there are no leaks.\\015\\012. A week after i drove it about 40 miles and temperature gauge went all the way to hot. K24a2 swapped, stock harness and ecu non kpro’d.

The overheat warning light and buzzer came on. Lighten the load and back off the gas. This causes the engine to start overheating.

Worked great on my 01v6. After waiting 12 hours, they called and said the issue was that there was air in the system and they burped it and let it run for an hour with no overheating. This took me about 30 minutes.

I took the foot off the accelerator to bring the car to a standstill and the gauge went straight back to the normal position. Reverse flush the cooling system and fill with fresh coolant. Overheating overheats then drops back to normal;then overheats again;then back to normal?

After driving my car for 4 miles this evening at about 70 mph my temperature gauge went from the normal 90 degree position to 130 and beyond in 5 secs. Go to bleeder valve, open just enough for bubbles. On 2 occasions i've had a warning light telling me to stop car and that oil is overheating ( oil was within range and not overheating).

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On 3 other occasions the coolant temperature has crept up to 100/110 and then returned to 90. Although, if you're having to fill the coolant you could have a small leak in a head gasket which is causing a bubble which is showing the temp spike. The car is overloaded or being driven too hard.

To give a better insight on the issue, normally, the car’s temp gauge would be about a quarter from cold to hot. Any of the above causes for overheating on short trips. Monitor fluid level in funnel while doing this and monitor heat out from vents while doing this.

The coolant temperature rose to 130 ( in the red) and then dropped back to normal within a few minutes. He let the car run for a bit, but it was still overheating. If this post is about bodywork, accident damage, paint, dent/ding,.

I have a 2005 ford expedition 5.4 triton 275k miles, a few weeks back (05/31/2019) the engine coolant gauge showed overheating then when i stopped and turned engine off the gauge went back to the middle and normal, i would drive for a bit more same thing, no codes, no check engine light just the check gauges warning and went into limp mode. And remember rule 3a, please post the year/make/model of the vehicle you are working on. Overheating overheats then drops back to normal;then overheats again;then back to normal?

I continued driving (300 mile trip) and got it home. Funny thing is i drove mine with the fan disconnected and it did not overheat! Sometimes when it creeps up towards hot it only stays there for a few seconds and then back down.

It is your fan solenoid. New thermostat installed ,rad flushed, new cooling fan relay,and new rad cap. My car stopped overheating and my heat is back to normal.

Ok so my temp gauge is fluctuating sometimes alot more then some it goes all the way up to overheat then goes back down to normal i just replaced thermo stat burped the radiator then a little bit ago it started fluctuating alot more and now when i get done driving it theres alot of antifreeze in the overflow tank and i can see that it comes out of the top of it to. 2016 jeep wrangler jku overheating. Yesterday, it overheated again at a red light.

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After about 30 seconds it went back to normal. Wait till its a steady stream. This brings down the temp by drawing heat out of the coolant thru the heating ducts.

There is a thermostat in the head which controls the coolant movement. You can hear the engine but and the rpms going up but it will get stuck on 20mph and the.

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