Car Hesitates To Start After Filling With Gas

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The fuel pump’s work is to provide fuel from the gas tank to the engine at the ideal pressure need for optimal performance. When does the car hesitate after filling the gas tank?

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Over filling the tank by filling to the brim can cause the evaporative emissions system to be damaged or rendered inoperative.

Car hesitates to start after filling with gas. Since that is a pretty insignificant code (and i was pretty busy) i decided to clear the code, reset the gas cap, and monitor the situation. Little is more frustrating than having your car die after filling it with fuel. Average failure mileage is 100,000 miles.

2009 chevy traverse lt1 with approx. Lindainak july 4, 2016, 9:04pm #1. I went to mechanic and he pulled up.

I posted this odd behavior on another thread. This may be the cause of your hesitation. Hesitation when starting or a stall after start up immediately after refueling is due to a failed purge valve.

Contaminated fuel, the fuel pump, and the car's computer are often the cause. 1/2 mile away from the gas station my car begins hesitating violently literally rocking the car like a. So… pulling out of a gas station onto the highway, 10 seconds later the engine hesitates/sputters for.5 seconds, and then recovers.

After i get fuel, i will turn the key to crank the engine. Discussion starter · #1 · may 30, 2014. You have already replaced the purge control valve which is often the culprit so the possible solution may be to drain the gas from the tank checking for dirt or whatever and replacing the fuel filter unless there is an indication on the dash menu when the problem occurs that could lead to a fuel tank pressure sensor or something else.

The reason this happens (my explanation) is that the fuel system is constantly presurised. My engine doesn't want to start. At your next fill up, fill the tank until the pump shut off and add no more.

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Do this test at home or better yet in your mechanic's lot. My 2002 subaru legacy sometimes is hard to start and keep going after filling up the gas tank. Add no more fuel after this initial shut off.

When the dealer is replacing the purge valve, make sure that they check the evap canister for raw fuel. #2 · sep 6, 2006. Over the last month or two, i've noticed that when i fill up with gas, just to where the pump click off, i don't top off.

The gas pump didn't automatically stop when it hit the top level inside the gas tank, i had to stop it myself. Also you have a sock on your fuel pump you could be clogging up or it could have fell off but normally when they fall off is when you're low on gas you have problems. The system is designed to control and process fuel vapor not liquid fuel.

Since this was kind of a weird sequence of events, i thought i had inadvertently caused the problem somehow. Loosen the gas cap and retighten it, try starting the car again. What would cause a car to die after filling it with gas?

So this has happened the last 3 times i’ve filled my car with gas; If it is enough to cause a partial blockage, this could cause the hesitation. I believe there was a engine code associated with the problem (i forget it), but the problem was a bad evap purge valve.

The fuel lines are of standard size and have not been upgraded. The check valve maintains the pressure when you open the gas cap at the back until you close the system again, this is also why gas cap seals are important. If it starts right up then it was probably water in the gas, although i doubt nj has been that cold yet to create that condition.

If it has a problem then it's most likely a bad fuel pump. This is the only time this has ever happened, but after filling up today, my '01 cherokee started jerking and hesitating as i was on my way home. The hesitation lasts for probably only a half second, happening a couple of times with a few seconds between.

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If you continuously keep less than ¼ of a tank fuel in. It drove just fine previous to that. When i tried to start the car again it took 3 tries to keep it running and it ran very rough for a few minutes.

The vehicle remote start was inoperative. How to fix your car if it runs and starts fine all the time, accept right after you get gas.make sure you get the right part for your make and model!i recomm. After that it was okay.

Car is hard to start after putting in gas. Discussion starter · #1 · jan 25, 2020. I was filling with gas with the engine running and then decided to shut the engine off to check the oil while the gas tank finished filling.

You will need to remove the throttle design cover I only have this problem when i put in gas. Also recently it has started to seem like it is a little jerky & sluggish going up hills.

If i hold the key in the crank position and pump the gas pedal, it will eventually start. One of the main reasons your car may fail to start after getting gas is a failed fuel pump. My car will not start up after adding gas.

The fuel system has not been modified. I fill up with 89 octane gas, hop in the car, start it up and pull off. I've spent 5 minutes setting at the pump trying to get me car.

Causes for a car to stall after refueling can be within the fuel system itself. But my main problem is the hard starts after i fill up. I think she also complained of a gas smell inside the car from time to time.

Several things did you put diesel in it did you put flex fuel in a vehicle that is not a flex fuel vehicle. I assume it's a fail safe for the check engine light. Larger fuel lines will obviously take longer to fill and pressurize, so it might take a bit longer to start after you’ve turned the key.

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However, if your car reaches high mileage, the fuel pump may start to fail. The 2008 kia rondo has 1 problems reported for hesitation and hard start after filling with gas. In the last few months, when i fill up my gas tank i have a hesitation when i start it immediately afterwards (at the gas station).

If i release the key, the engine will continue to crank for a few seconds but will never start. If i had a dollar for every time i have seen a purge valve cause that exact concern, i'd have like 1000 dollars.

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