Car Heater Blowing Cold Air Then Hot

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If your car heater is blowing cold air, it could indicate that there’s a problem with your cooling system, heater core, heating valves, or blower fan. Depending on how low it is, your coolant warning light may come on.

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So, it’s called a blower fan.

Car heater blowing cold air then hot. Maybe the fan is malfunctioning. Start engine and run the heater on full. Why does my car heater blow cold air instead of hot?

If both hoses are same temp then start checking for an issue with the temp blend door. This controls the mixture of warm and cold air to maintain temperature. 1998 sebring convertible heater is blowing cold after engine is warmed up , feel the hoses that go to and come from the heater.

Most heater issues in our experience can be linked back to low coolant levels. One possible cause is an air lock in the cooling system. The following are some issues that may be causing the heater to blow cold air:

First, check the coolant level when the engine is cold. And you wait — and wait — but the heater just blows cold air. In order to make sure that the heater is warm we will use obd scanner to read the real time coolant temperature.

Air in the cooling system impedes the circulation of coolant in the system, and as a result, the heater blows hot air only when driving, and cold air at idle. You'll see it bubble and foam in there as air is purged out. Without coolant, your heater will only be blowing cold air when the heat is on.

Run the engine until the fan kicks in. If the heater has a tap for supplying coolant to the radiator,. While your situation the problem is cold air, it may be how this system gets stuck in your car.

Now for some common issues for a car heater blowing cold air. A fan blows air through the heater core, where it gets hot, and then into your car. If your system has a bleed port or bleed screw, and you can find it, you can fix this air lock yourself.

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The other component which works to finish the cycle is known as the temperature blend door. If not there is an obstruction with the heater core, air pocket. If no more coolant can be added, replace cap and shut down the engine.

The heater core may also leak coolant. The coolant supply is blocked. If your car is blowing cold air that means that,.

If the heater is blowing cold air and the car is overheating, it is likely that the problem is related to the engine cooling system as well. Continue to add coolant into the top tank until full. The car’s interior gets the hot air via a component referred to as the blower motor.

On cold days when you have to travel by car, the first thing on your mind might be turning your heater on full blast to cozy up. If the heater still blows cold when there doesn’t appear to be a problem with the water level or the thermostat, it could be due to a blockage of air in the cooling system. Several underlying causes are there for which the coolant and the air.

Also cars use flaps to regulate air mix from heater core (it is in your dash somewhere) to achieve correct temperature. It is also possible that the heater controls are allowing cold outside air to blend with heated air by not closing one of the ducts in the hvac unit. There could even be a puddle of liquid under the.

In some cases, that means you just have to add more coolant to the coolant resoviour. I would recommend having a heater inspection completed by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from yourmechanic, who will come to your location, diagnose this problem, give you an accurate. If they are not hot , this indicates that coolant is not flowing through the heater core.

Why is no air coming out of my heater? If it’s really low, it might not be able to warm the heater core, even if it’s doing an adequate job of preventing engine overheating. I have read it might be the heater matrix or the connections at each end, do any of you have an easy way.

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When the temp goes cold check the heat of the inlet heater hose and compare it to the return hose, they should be within 10 deg. Perhaps your temperature gauge is running below normal. The blower pushes the warm air via recycling waste heat from the engine.

Air from the blower is not blow toward the heater core or the coolant does not flow through the heater core. A car heater blowing cold air could be a symptom of the failure of the heating unit. The hot coolant flows in one side of the heater core and out the other side headed back toward the engine.

If your car heater blows cold air instead of hot air it might stuck vent or plugged up heater core. The heat from the hot coolant is what your heater normally blows throughout the inside of the car. You start it up and hit the heater.

There could be various reasons for car heater not working but it basically happens for two reasons: Hi, the heater in my car is blowing cold air, after reading a few posts on various forums i changed the thermostat which helped keeping the engine temperature at a normal level but the air coming from the heater is still cold. If your car’s cooling system has air due to improper replacement of the coolant, malfunction of the air valve, depressurization of the pipes and their connection points, or because of a bad or damaged cylinder head gasket, then it can also cause your heater to blow cold air when idling because the air impedes the circulation of coolant in the system which causes the heater.

A faulty thermostat (thermostat that is stuck) broken blower and/or blower motor If the temperature gauge dial on the dashboard indicates cold when the engine is in fact hot, then the thermostat is faulty. Once your fan has come on, look around the radiator for a bleed port or bleed screw.

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Fortunately, this is an inexpensive spare part that is easy to fit. The fan is not called a heater fan, sorry to disappoint you, because it blows air into the car for the air conditioner as well. Usually that's good enough unless you have a stubborn air pocket.

It’s freezing outside, and all you want is to get in your car and turn on the heat. There are many reasons your car's heater isn't working.

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