Car Battery Keeps Dying But Alternator Is Good

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I don't drive very much,so the car sits for 6 or 7 days before i go someplace.there is a light that flashes in the dash,a red light, near the wind shield i think that light is draining my battery. Although this may not be a leading cause, it is a potential reason your car battery keeps dying and what is draining your battery.

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A fault here can be detected by checking the output of the alternator.

Car battery keeps dying but alternator is good. I guess that is when the alternator will charge the battery a little bit, but the light will then come back on and the car will die again. If alternator have gone bad, then it will be not able to charge your batteries. The alternator is essentially a generator and it keeps your battery charged while supplying additional electrical power for the other systems in the vehicle.

It doesn’t matter how much juice your alternator is pumping into your battery if it can’t hold a charge. Most likely one or the other. Battery is good and the alternator is good, he said battery needed charged.

The charging system problem might be in the battery itself or the battery and the alternator connections where the current passes. To check the alternator output, first, make sure the fuses are. Should read about 14 volts.

If the belt is broken, you’ll need to have the old one replaced with a good alternator belt to bring back power to your car. The connection from the alternator to the battery. When the car battery keeps dying, but the alternator is good, the possible problem must be the charging system.

The most common explanation is that you have a bad battery. Charge the battery up and if its still reacting, get to a local autozone as they will wheel put a cart to your car and check your battery and alternator for free. Two minutes later it died.

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Now all of the sudden my battery seems drained every time i get in, it acts like its going to die but hasnt died on me for 4 months, for 4 months it just pretends like its dead. What i usually suggest is try replacing the voltage regulator first, because it's dead cheap and can be done without removing the alternator. Nobody looks forward to dealing with a dead car battery, but it’s even worse if you swap out the dead battery for a new one, only to have the same problem.

If voltage drops under load, that's usually a sign of a dying alternator. Even if i just drove it across town and got out for 5 minutes and get back in it still takes a second as if the battery didn't charge while i was driving. Why does my car keep dying even with a new battery and alternator?

Test the alternator with the engine running using a voltmeter across the battery. If the engine cranks then the car will not start. What causes a car battery to keep dying?

With the car engine off, and anything that might consume electricity turned off, including the inside light. There are a few reasons that your car battery could keep dying even if your alternator is good. My car keeps dying when im driving and when i try to jump it sometimes it wont do anything at all and then a few days later starts right up.

One day my porsche suddenly not started due to the battery. Could be the alternator or a bad connection or wire. If so, unhook them and clean them with a wire brush until they look brand new.

Another check for your alternator is to use a voltage meter and measure the battery voltage while the car is running. If you have a new alternator and your battery keeps dying on you, then there's definitely a problem that you're going to need to look into. Assuming your battery is good and your alternator is charging the battery properly, the next suspect is a short somewhere that is leaking power when you’re not using the car.

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I charged the battery this morning, went and put it in and it started right up. Some of these problems are enough to kill a battery on their own, while. If the alternator is in bad shape, it’s common for the battery to dye more often due to undercharging.

You can get them almost anywhere that sell batteries. I tried to restart it and nothing. Make sure the alternator is grounded to the engine and the engine ground strap is intact and has clean grounds on both the engine and frame.

We help you diagnose your car battery troubles. If you’ve checked the alternator belt and it looks good, then your battery terminals may be corroded. Car keeps dying but the battery test good and the alternator is testing good as well.

Make sure the battery has a good clean ground. Find the car’s fuse box and remove the cover. Now that we reviewed the alternator and know its purpose, it makes sense that taking an excessive number of short drives can begin to drain your battery.

But the light mostly stays on and the car keeps dying. If the alternator is not charging the battery will go dead under normal. Common reasons why car battery keeps dying.

The problems can cause a total death of the car battery or lack of power in the car. And takes a minute to crank over. You should read 13.5 to 14.7 volts.

Car batteries dries fast if it is used roughly and misused. Battery is new and alternator tested good. Some of the most common reasons for a car battery to die repeatedly include loose or corroded battery connections, persistent electrical drains, charging problems, constantly demanding more power than the alternator can provide, and even extreme weather.

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However, even though the alternator is good, the battery may keep dying. The battery light stays on but sometimes will go off for a few seconds. First check to see of your battery terminals are corroded.

If the car battery keeps dying but your alternator is good, you might be facing charging issues or trouble with a parasitic drain. If it’s providing a good output, then inspect the cable carefully. Car battery depends on the quality so that it will last for more or few days.

12 or less means no current is flowing into the battery.

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